Venom ‘The Poison’ 1:6 Scale Figure by Bullethead is SHIPPING SOON!


It looks like Bulletheada Chinese based 1:6 scale figure manufacturer is gearing up to capitalize on the popularity of the “Venom” movie that is currently rocking the box office – despite the relatively low review scores it might be experiencing on most review sites.  The Poison 1:6 Scale Figure was announced back 6-8 weeks ago now and unlike with Hot Toys release windows it looks like this manufacturer is promising to have this figure in the hands of sixth scale collectors by as soon as November of this year! I guess it’s really a matter of trying to get this figure to market as quickly as possible to satiate fans who are looking for something to add to their 1:6 scale collection from this movie with Hot Toys and other major manufacturers not looking to service this void.

This sixth scale figure has what looks like a special body type that was designed likely for this specific figure and a run of other similarly sized figures as it’s not a commonly available body type available by Phicen, TBLEAGUE, Hot Toys or a number of other 1:6 scale figure or accessory manufacturers. The upper body looks really ripped with a lot of upper body presence which is very normal for the character and can be seen very easily in both the film and the comics where Venom was originally popularized. Like most sixth scale manufacturers, Bullethead has chosen to name this figure ‘The Poison’ and it’s really a ‘fan-art’ interpretation of the character. So while it may not be a licensed option it is looking like it’s the only 1:6 scale figure of Venom we will get!

Pre-orders look to be closing up very soon for this figure at most sixth scale online retailers so SECURE YOUR ORDER @ now for The Poison ‘Venom’ 1:6 Scale Figure before you miss out and have to pay secondary market prices later if you’re even able to find one!