Bullet HEAD x War Story Joker “The Mentally Ill” 1:6 Scale Figure Pre-Order Goes Live!


Okay so it’s no surprise if you have been following the sixth scale figure releases over the last 3 months that there have been countless different versions of Joker (2019) as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix that have gone up for pre-order from tons of different companies: Toys Era and SW Toys just to name a few. What’s included with the figure and the exact outfit has varied but it looks like another manufacturer wants to throw their hat in the ring with their version of Joker being dubbed “The Mentally Ill” 1:6 Scale Figure. This figure is a collaboration project between sixth scale figure manufacturers Bullet HEAD and War Story and comes in (3) different unique versions.

Version A – the most “Deluxe” of the bunch includes a TON of stuff!

The decision to split this up into three different versions was a wise one by Bullet HEAD x War Story because it allows collectors who already have another version of this character on pre-order to still slap down an order on just the accessories for example. Having options and being able to decide what you want to pay for is nice. The deluxe version, Version A (seen above) comes packed with everything – the diorama desk, accessories, clown mask, Arthur regular clothes; the whole kit and kaboodle. Some collectors don’t have a need or desire for accessories though and extras so the base version (version B) would likely be best for them. Version B (seen below) just comes with the clothes Arthur wore with a minimal amount of accessories & no clown mask / face included.

Finally, the last version and probably the best option for 1:6 scale figure collectors who already had another version of Joker on pre-order is Version C. This version does NOT include any of the Arthur gear or figure itself but instead just comes with the desk diorama piece and ALL the extra accessories and add-ons that come packed in the deluxe version but just no figure. This means if you already secured a pre-order for let’s say, the Toys ERA release of this character then this version will serve as a nice upgrade to extend your display options for when this item releases.

The highlight of this release has definitely got to be the diorama desk piece that comes packed in Version A and Version C – this could lead to literally ENDLESS display options for someone who likes to re-work their figures often and change up how things look in their display. The desk and the accessories on it / with it look to be very well made if past Bullet HEAD releases are any indication then we know this is going to be a smash hit. Their version of Venom, known as “The Poison” has gone on to more than DOUBLE in value on the after-market and is still one of the most desired third party figures to date alongside some of the Toys Era releases.

If you are looking to secure a pre-order on this version of the Joker by Bullet HEAD x War Story known as “The Mentally Ill” 1:6 Scale Figure then you would be wise to do it soon! Previous releases of this character had pre-orders sell in record numbers with retailers having to close the ordering off early because they could not handle the volume of orders coming in. There’s no better time than the present to lock in an order so you don’t regret it later!

Pre-Order Bullet HEAD x War Story The Mentally Ill 1:6 Scale Figure (Version A) BH006A for $209.99 USD & enjoy 5% cash back ($10.50) with your Order for use on your Next Purchase @ ToyOrigin.com

Not looking to get the Deluxe version this time? You can also pre-order the following options as well:

Pre-Order Bullet HEAD x War Story The Mentally Ill 1:6 Scale Figure (Version B) BH006B for $129.99 USD

Pre-Order Bullet HEAD x War Story The Mentally Ill 1:6 Scale Figure (Version C) BH006C for $149.99 USD