Ace Toyz Power Rangers 1:6 Scale Figures – Classic Mighty Super Hero


There’s no question that throughout the 1990’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was one of the most popular TV shows for kids and teenagers all over North America. The show adapted footage from the Japanese TV series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger which made the production of the show a lot more affordable and streamlined for Saban, the North American production company responsible for the distribution of the show in this region. It wasn’t long before the show became a pop culture phenomenon and inspired a large line of action figures and a ton of merchandise for fans to gobble up. Some of my best memories as a child were playing with my Power Rangers “flip head” style toys in the crawl space of my family home at the time for what seemed like an endless amount of hours. That’s why when 1:6 scale figure manufacturer Ace Toyz announced they were releasing the entire line-up of Power Rangers in sixth scale figure form I was beyond stoked to get a first look at them.

A look at the Ace Toyz Classic Mighty Super Hero 1:6 Scale Figure Box Set (5 Figures)

The original 5 Power Rangers: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black & Pink are available in a 1:6 Scale Figure Box Set that comes packed with an exclusive bonus – the Power Blaster! The Power Rangers combine their weapons into the Power Blast in the show to defeat their foes and if you purchase the Box Set it comes with it as a BONUS in addition to the weapons & extras each Ranger comes packed with! If you were a fan of the show you will definitely remember this weapon coming in handy more than a few times.

The Ace Toyz Classic Mighty Super Hero 1:6 scale Figure Box Set (5 Figures) is priced at $629.99 USD but for the 5 Power Rangers it comes bundled with that’s a steal. After the Rewards Points Toy Origin offers are taken into account (5% cash back) it brings the price just shy of $600 USD which breaks down to only $120 USD per figure! That’s an absolute bargain for a 1:6 scale figure with this kind of accuracy with included extra hands and weapon(s) where necessary. The only downside is that there is no figure stand packed in with the figures so you will need to purchase those separately!

A closer look at the Ace Toyz Classic Mighty Super Hero 1:6 Scale Figures – The Power Rangers in the Flesh! All (7) of them. White & Green sold separately outside the Box Set.

You might be asking yourself where’s the love for the Green Ranger & White Ranger in the Ace Toyz box-set listed above? Well, fear not – Ace Toyz is most definitely producing both the White Ranger & Green Ranger but they will be available for sale separately. It looks like pricing for the Rangers individually) are around $150-160 USD depending on which one you are looking at. The Red Ranger (Red Hero 1:6 Scale Figure – Classic Mighty Super Hero) is available separately as well outside of the boxset for $149.99 USD if you don’t want to foot the bill for the entire line-up. The Green Ranger (Green Hero 1:6 Scale Figure – Classic Mighty Super Hero) is also the same $149.99 USD if you were curious. Listings for the White Ranger should be appearing soon so keep your eyes peeled for more details and a pre-order link for that item.

There’s no telling what the production numbers are looking like for these Power Rangers from Ace Toyz so it would be wise to lock in your Pre-Order EARLY before retailers begin to sell out. It’s not just Hot Toys & other first party releases that increase in value on the secondary market these days but plenty of these hot 3rd party figures, too. Check out the links below to lock in your Pre-Orders now!

Pre-Order Ace Toyz Power Rangers 1:6 Scale Figure Box Set (5 Figures) for $629.99 USD & enjoy 5% Reward Points ($31.50 cash back) for use on your Next Purchase!

Not looking to Order the entire box-set? Pre-Order the Ace Toyz Red Ranger 1:6 Scale Figure or the Green Ranger 1:6 Scale Figure today – both priced @ $149.99 USD!