DAMTOYS Combat Girl Pisces (Nana & Lucy) 1:6 Scale Figure DCG003/DCG004


DAMTOYS is a Chinese based 1:6 scale figure manufacturer that has a history of producing high quality sixth scale figures, statues and collectibles from a variety of different licenses from video games to military figures. Just recently DAMTOYS announced the launch of two new 1:6 scale figures in their ‘combat’ or military/war line-up of figures, Nana & Lucy from the Combat Girl line. These sixth scale figures come packed with tons of unique accessories like weapons, grenades, combat accessories and other 1:6 scale accessories that you can use either with one of these girls or another figure of yours.

DAMTOYS Combat Girl Pisces (Nana) 1:6 Scale Figure DCG003 – this combat girl is the one of the pair with black hair & a black matching outfit.

DAMTOYS Combat Girl Pisces (Lucy) 1:6 Scale Figure DCG004 – this combat girl is the one of the pair with brown hair & blue jeans and a tan colored crop top shirt.

There are a TON of 1:6 scale accessories included with each figure so the list is far too long to put here – click the above links for a look @ the complete item listing for an idea of what will ship with each of these DAMTOYS Combat Girl Pisces figures that are set to launch in Quarter 2 of 2019! DAMTOYS has a lot of police, military, war themed figures in the secondary market but typically these sixth scale figures sell out during the pre-order phase or soon after they ship! Some releases have appreciated quite a bit in value and have become very challenging to find – despite not being of a popular license.

If you are curious about the previous quality of DAMTOYS 1:6 scale releases have a look at their previous items on eBay or other marketplaces where collectors are often selling or trading for other items. Sadly, as mentioned, most items are rarely available at retail after the ordering phase. One of the most recent releases from this company that was met with very good reception from the collector community was Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed Black Flag) – a must own figure for any collectors of 1:6 scale figures who are video game fans!

You can pre-order both of these figures at the links above and they have a price tag of $159.99 USD but the website has a membership program offering 5% cash back for customers. Enjoy collecting!