Hot Toys reveals WandaVision Scarlet Witch and Vision figures for Pre-Order..


The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally made it’s cross-over debut onto television not long ago with the release of WandaVision on Disney+ and despite the mixed reviews for earlier episodes in the series – it’s clear that Marvel Studios won the fan base over with this series as the show progressed. With each new episode that was released the internet and social media swirled with fan theories. For comic book readers and people with knowledge beyond the Cinematic Universe the number of easter eggs that were left littered throughout each episode were exciting to discover.

Prior to the debut of this show, as a fan myself I had doubts about how interested I would be in these characters outside of the context of a larger film like one of the “Avengers” movies. Much to my surprise, the story brought a very human element that was hard not to connect with. The romantically entwined couple, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, settle down in the white-picket fence town of Westview. But the town is not entirely what it seems at first. The viewer later discovers that this perfect town they are living in is merely a creation birthed from Wanda’s powers and the people within it are essentially being mind controlled to play their part.

While Vision and Wanda were the clear stars of this TV series and played their roles to perfection some other characters I loved throughout the series were Agatha Harkness, Jimmy, Monica and even the kids! Fingers crossed that Hot Toys and other companies want to jump at the popularity and success of this show and produce a whole line of figures instead of just focusing on the main characters. It would be a shame to not have a figure of Agatha Harkness after what was an awe-inspiring “witch throwdown” between her and The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) in the series finale.

The first two figures that Hot Toys were quick to announce after the series finale however were The Scarlet Witch Sixth Scale Figure & Vision Sixth Scale Figure. Unlike previous versions of Elizabeth Olsen’s character that were released by Hot Toys, this version of “The Scarlet Witch” is the character truly in her “final form” so to speak. Instead of having an outfit more on the casual side of things this version of the character is rocking a super hero outfit fit for display on every collectors shelf..

A look at the Scarlet Witch costume from “WandaVision”

Rocking her “crown” and a set of luminous eyes & hands make this figure perfect for displaying Wanda / The Scarlet Witch with chaos magic ready to strike down Agatha and whoever else stands in her way. The crown looks a little low in terms of it’s position on her head but this is someting we might see changed as the production of this figure is ongoing.

The Scarlet Witch (Hot Toys) figure TMS 036

Not to give all the glory to just The Scarlet Witch, Hot Toys also announced for pre-order an updated version of “Vision” that while it looks similar to the Age of Ultron release there are some minor differences you can notice. The first and most noteable appears to be the fact that Vision during his time in Westview was able to get himself a 6-pack.

While it looks like another barebones release for the character that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Finding the earlier release of Vision on the secondary market like eBay or Facebook groups etc is often a hit or miss so it’s good to see Hot Toys refresh & update this character for everyone who missed out in the past.

With the popularity of WandaVision on Disney+ pre-orders for these two are likely to explode so it would be wise to lock in your pre-order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Guess we will just have to sit tight & wait over the next few weeks to see if Hot Toys is looking to milk this show like The Mandalorian and keep the figures coming..

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Pre-Order The Scarlet Witch (WandaVision) Sixth Scale Figure TMS 036 for $259.99 USD ($15 OFF MSRP) plus you will enjoy 5% Reward Points cash back for use on your Next Purchase!