YOUNG RICH TOYS Miles Morales Sixth Scale Figure Now Up for Pre-Order!


After the huge success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse it’s shocking that major collectibles manufacturers were not quick to jump on creating figures and merchandise for the flick. Sideshow Collectibles had a Premium Format Statue of Miles Morales up for pre-order a while back but after the release of the movie that was quick to sell out in most places. Other than that we have not seen any action figure releases either high-end or even low/mid-range options. Until today, that is! It looks like manufacturer YOUNG RICH TOYS is blessing the one sixth scale figure collectors with a release of Miles Morales in two different options – Battle Suit and Casual Wear.

YOUNG RICH TOYS Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Figure – Battle Suit SP002

It looks like the 1:6 scale figure body being used here is specifically designed for the character in size and proportions. Not to mention the accuracy in the tailoring and head sculpt(s) included is phenomenal. Hopefully the production run is as high quality as what we are looking at here in the promo pics. The first version of the two is Miles Morales (Spider-Man) 1:6 Scale Figure – Battle Suit SP002 comes with the much loved black & red Spidey Suit that we see Morales sport in the movie. A ton of accessories are also included one of my favorite of the bunch being those fresh kicks!

YOUNG RICH TOYS Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Figure – Battle Suit SP002

The second version from YOUNG RICH TOYS is Miles Morales (Spider-Man) 1:6 Scale Figure – Casual Wear SP001 if you prefer Miles with a more casual street wear kind of look. We saw this particular outfit on-screen for quite a lot in the movie and there are definitely collectors out there who will prefer the less super hero inspired look and prefer something more casual and identifiable. Whichever version you go with it looks like a number of different accessories are included: some web silk shots, extra hands, a USB stick & phone, spray paint can and quite a few other items.

YOUNG RICH TOYS Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Figure – Casual Wear SP001

The movie has a 90%+ score on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and audiences so it’s clear that the character is a fan favorite. With no major manufacturers stepping up to the plate to fill this wanted gap from collectors it’s no surprise that someone, somewhere stepped up to the plate with something. The bonus is that this “something” looks to be of an outstanding quality. The estimated release window for these two different SKU’s seems to be holiday (quarter 1) of 2020. Like with anything it will be interesting to see if the timeline is met by the manufacturer.

Pre-Order Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Figure – Battle Suit, SP002 & Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Figure – Casual Wear, SP001 from today & Enjoy 5% cash back with your Order!