Hot Toys Spider-Man Far From Home Figures Pre-Orders Coming In Hot!


With the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spider-Man: Far From Home set to hit theaters this July 2, 2019 it looks like Hot Toys is gearing up to capitalize on this film in a big, big way. As with any movie release, we always get a few Hot Toys figures announced (and put up for pre-order) prior to the movie premiere but there’s always more to follow after the nationwide release. The first sixth scale figure we got a glimpse at from the upcoming flick was the Spider-Man Stealth Suit Sixth Scale Figure that comes in (2) different versions: a standard release and a Deluxe version with an included diorama base from Studio HIVE that adds to the price-tag.

Spider-Man Stealth Suit (Regular) Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys

The Spider-Man Stealth Suit (Deluxe) Sixth Scale Figure weighs in at roughly ~$70 USD more than the Standard option and for what you get it’s not a bad value proposition. The diorama base included is one of Hot Toys first attempts at including a base with one of their Movie Masterpiece Series figures that can really allow you to create a “scene” on your shelf more-so than just a character on display. For some Hot Toys collectors this added accessory/diorama base may have an intrinsic value but for others it may not so it’s nice to have the option to purchase it if you want to spend the extra cash but you’re not forced to if you won’t use it. The base has built-in LED lights and looks quite great, seen here:

A look at the diorama base included with the Deluxe version of the Stealth Suit figure

The Spider-Man Stealth Suit is only one of (2) figures we have got a look at from Hot Toys so far, though! The other figure that has been revealed is the Spider-Man Upgraded Suit Sixth Scale Figure – a return to the black & red color scheme of Spider-Man that Steve Ditko introduced back in the Marvel comics many years ago. This look is quite a bit different than the Spider-Man you might be used to with the red & blue color scheme but for a lot of web-head fans this is a welcome change! The “Upgraded Suit” is similar in design to the suit we saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming with the exception of the color change.

Spider-Man Upgraded Suit Sixth Scale Figure – Hot Toys

Hot Toys collectors were disappointed to see that the Spider-Man: Homecoming release of this figure (both Deluxe and Standard) had spiked in price in the secondary market so this is a good compromise for someone not looking to shell out the extra cash. While there are a lot less accessories included than what was available in the “Deluxe” version from Spider-Man: Homecoming at least we are getting a brand new Tom Holland head sculpt. It will be interesting to see how different it is from the 2 different existing variations we have already seen made available by Hot Toys on previous releases.

Spider-Man Upgraded Suit Sixth Scale Figure (Hot Toys) – What’s Included

With the movie less than a week away we will probably see more product announcements from not only Hot Toys but a number of other collectibles companies as well. Who else would you like to see make an appearance in the Hot Toys line-up for this movie? Collectors are chomping at the bit to get their hands on a Mysterio Hot Toys figure if the discussion in social media groups is any indication. How many additional different looks for Spider-Man do you expect to see in the film?

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