Hot Toys Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version) is Going Up for Pre-Order!


At a recent convention (San Diego Comic Con 2018) Hot Toys & Sideshow had a Hulkbuster ‘2.0’ version on display that included a special Jackhammer arm and it left fans wondering if a re-issue or re-release was looming. For the last handful of months now collectors and fans who missed out on the first version of the Hulkbuster have eagerly been awaiting an announcement to see if this newly updated version would be going up for pre-order or not. Typically speaking, not all 1:6 scale figures shown at comic conventions by Hot Toys or other manufacturers end up seeing the light of day. Many Hot Toys collectors speculated this newly updated Hulkbuster would suffer the same fate and likely never see the light of day. Well today it looks like Hot Toys is putting the rumors to bed with the announcement that Hulkbuster (Avengers: Age of Ultron) Deluxe Version would be officially be going up for Pre-Order today in Hong Kong and likely soon after in the United States.

Here’s a look at the information posted to Facebook by Hot Toys just last night:

[Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th scale Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version) Collectible Figure]

“Veronica, give me a hand!”

Specifically designed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, the extremely durable Hulkbuster suit can be deployed from orbit. Both Stark and Banner sincerely hope the raw might of the Hulkbuster will never need to be utilized…

Given the immense popularity of 1/6th scale Hulkbuster Collectible Figure, Hot Toys is ecstatic to officially present the Deluxe Version of Hulkbuster Collectible Figure that provides remarkable illumination and a striking appearance!

Masterfully crafted based on the appearance of Hulkbuster in Marvel Studios Avengers: Age of Ultron, the movie-accurate colossal figure stands approximately 55 cm (21 inches) in height, including a Mark XLIII bust with LED light-up eyes and arc reactor on chest that can be placed inside the gigantic machine. This iconic armor accentuated with metallic red, gold and silver painting and weathering effect features over 20 LED light-up areas located in the eyes, chest, repulsor palms, back, and legs, an interchangeable battle damaged chest armor, also the beautifully designed chest and shoulder armors that highlight the mechanical details.

In addition, this Deluxe Version will exclusively include a LED light-up Jackhammer left arm with hand, an interchangeable locking forearm, and a Hulkbuster Pod!

The spectacular Hulkbuster will make a very patriotic addition to your Avengers: Age of Ultron collection!

Turns out this version will not only include the LED light-up Jackhammer arm but it will also include an interchangeable locking forearm and a Hulkbuster Pod so you can display it inbound to the battlefield in your diorama setup if you wish. Fear not though for collectors who owned the original version: the Jackhammer WILL be available separately in an Accessories Set so you can upgrade your existing Hulkbuster to this version very easily. This will prevent Hot Toys collectors from having to purchase both versions of the Hulkbuster unless of course they want to drop a bunch of money.

This version will be going up for Pre-Order very soon so stay tuned we will update this post with a link when available.

PRE-ORDER Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version) Avengers: Age of Ultron 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure NOW and reserve yours for release day shipment!