Black Steel – TOYS WORKS TW008 (Luke Cage) Sixth Scale Figure Now Up for Pre-Order!


TOYS WORKS is a 1:6 scale figure manufacturer from China who in the past has released a number of sixth scale figures to the market that have been quite successful and well received by collectors. A few of the figures they have released include: Mad Skull (Punisher), Spirit Mentor (Qui-Gon Jinn), The Boss (Kingpin), Saber Master (Mace Windu) and several others. Their latest sixth scale figure that’s now available for Pre-Order is an unlicensed version of Luke Cage from the popular Netflix Marvel television show that they are dubbing Black Steel. Several months ago a version of Jessica Jones also went up for pre-order from TOYS WORKS for folks looking to complete the line-up of Netflix Marvel characters.

Black Steel (Luke Cage) 1:6 Scale Figure, TOYS WORKS TW008

The likeness to the character in this 1:6 scale head sculpt is absolutely fantastic and definitely beats some of the other unlicensed 3rd party options we have seen available in the past. The particular portrait / look they decided to settle with is very characteristic of Luke Cage if you have seen the show and plays well to his personality. The included outfit and limited amount of accessories also seem to be done to a high quality. Sure there’s not a ton of extras included but that’s more of a fault of the character than the company producing this figure.

Black Steel (Luke Cage) Sixth Scale Figure – What’s Included, TOYS WORKS TW008

The outfit and tailoring here looks great and they even have gone as far as adding some “bullet holes” on the design here to make it more suitable to the character having seen what takes place in the show. The chain included here is actually diecast which is a nice touch – even though I am torn on how you could use this in a creative way displaying this character. The best part about this figure? It comes in at under $150 USD (at least now while it’s up for pre-order) and while the accessories/extras are limited that is a fair trade-off in my eyes.

Pre-Order TOYS WORKS Black Steel (Luke Cage) 1:6 Scale Figure TW008 now before it’s too late – this one seems to have a very short deadline!