Black Toys ‘Devil Joker’ 1:6 Scale Figure Now Available For Pre-Order!


There is definitely no shortage of different one sixth scale figures versions of Joker played by Heath Ledger that have been released to the market to date but quite a few of them have since sold out and become rather difficult to find. It appears another company based out of China calling themselves Black Toys is going to take a whack at producing the iconic version of Joker from the Dark Knight Trilogy that fans love and this time with an added surprise bonus: ROOTED HAIR! As you may or may not know, rooted hair with 1:6 scale figures is when the company uses a synthetic hair like material to give the figure hair that you can change and manipulate how you wish. This is not always executed the best in mass production and as a result most 1:6 scale collectors and Hot Toys collectors generally prefer sculpted hair UNLESS the rooted hair job is being done properly and meticulously. And based on the prototype photos we see here from Black Toys.. it looks like they have hit the mark with this one! 

This particular Joker 1:6 scale figure has what looks like an incredible rooted hair job so hopefully Black Toys can execute this just as well with the final version of the character and not just with the prototype. Sadly this company does not have a lot of products (or any to my knowledge) that have made it to market yet but they have a Bank Robber version of Joker that was available for Pre-Order a while back that is said to be shipping this January or February of 2019. That version also has rooted hair based on the promotional photos I saw so I imagine how that figure turns out will be a good indicator on whether or not this new 10th Anniversary Devil Joker 1:6 Scale Figure is going be a hit or miss, ultimately.

Based on what we are seeing so far it looks pretty incredible and comes with a good run-down of different things (list is taken from another website, ToyOrigin) included:

  • 1 x highly detailed and accurate head sculpt with ROOTED hair!
  • 1 x 1:6 scale highly articulated body type
  • 7 x interchangeable hands
  • 1 x signature Purple Coat (with grenade attachment on the inside of the coat)
  • 1 x Grey Suit
  • 1 x Strip Shirt
  • 1 x Green Vest
  • 1 x Green Tie
  • 1 x Pair of Socks
  • 1 x Pair of Shoes
  • 1 x RPG Rocket Launcher
  • 1 x Machine Gun
  • 1 x Knife
  • 1 x Pistol
  • 1 x Lighter
  • 1 x Cigar
  • 5 x Wearable grenades for the inside of the jacket
  • 1 x Warehouse backboard
  • EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER BONUS: Cash Piles! Setup a 1:6 scale diorama/scene in your collection.

Like most versions of Heath Ledger Joker in 1:6 scale figure form this will very likely sell out during the pre-order phase (or soon after) and then start to increase in value. We have seen it both with official versions from companies like Hot Toys and of course with other 3rd party unlicensed manufacturers as well.  It would be smart to lock in an order EARLY on this one or you might end up missing out!

PRE-ORDER NOW – Black Toys 10th Anniversary Devil Joker 1:6 Scale Figure – RESERVE YOURS!